Hull Gard Inflatable Vinyl Fender

Hull Gard Inflatable Vinyl Fender


The finest utility fender on the market. Hull Gard features a unique oval design which prevents the fender from rolling out of position. The Hull Gard combines unsurpassed softness and superior strength to provide boaters with the maximum protection available from a utility fender. All sizes feature inflation valves to adjust the level of firmness to satisfy all applications.



Perfect match of materials for seamless construction
Special PVC formulation for softness, flexibility and long life
High gloss finish Large molded-in eyelets
Integral injection molded valve seat
Rubber football needle valves for long life
Specially designed end shape for maximum strength.
The most accurate way to select the right fender for your boat is to survey your docking area to find out what fender is in use for the same size and weight of boat, in terms of fender dimensions and quantities, and use that as a guideline.
Guaranteed for the Life of Your Boat Against Splitting or Bursting!
Recommended inflation is 2 psi

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