Aquasweep by Scott Aerator

Aquasweep by Scott Aerator


Move the Muck! The dock mount model can keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface, while also being fully adjustable to forcefully blast muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom. The exclusive motorized action conveniently pushes the debris 50 feet or more to an easy location for clean-up. Designed for both fresh and salt water, it is fully adjustble in any direction, making it the ideal solution for eliminating decaying bottom muck and floating surface algae.

Manufactured utilizing a heavy duty 12 gauge submersible electrical cable, 25 feet in length, capped by a rugged Hubbell marine grounded electrical plug. No special wiring or electrician required! The Aquasweep’s 3,400 rpm of power comes from utilizing an American made, fully submersible Franklin electric 110-volt motor. Un-conditional 5-YEAR motor warranty! Made in USA. GFCI required, please disconnect power source when swimmers are present.

Don’t be fooled by imitators. Compare with similar products and you’ll see why the Aquasweep by far surpasses anything else on the market in both performance and quality. Here are some of the differences:

The Aquasweep is oil free. The Thruster requires oil to be added and changed. Also, using the Aquasweep means no chance of disastrous oil leaks.

-The Aquasweep runs at 3,450 rpms. The Thruster, even utilizing the 1 HP motor, runs at under 2,000 rpms. This amounts to the Aquasweep moving 400 gallons per minute compared to the Thruster’s 180 gallons per minute.

-The Aquasweep is designed to control where the debris is blown. The Thruster is similar to running your outboard motor, the debris is scattered in every direction.

-The Aquasweep is manufactured using American made stainless steel, even the motor. The Thruster utilizes galvanized metal.

-The Aquasweep come standard with an un-conditional 5 year motor warranty. The Thruster, just 2 years.

-The Aquasweep has been manufactured and marketed to blast muck and silt for over 19 years. The Thruster, just over 4 years.

Our new oscillator attachment makes moving muck even easier. No need to turn the Aquasweep in it’s mounting; the oscillator does it for you! We pre-program the oscillator to rotate the Aquasweep in 20 degree increments every 20 minutes, but you can set it for any degree you wish. Then plug it in and forget about it! The oscillator attachment can be added later, or to an existing Aquasweep.

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Weight 53 lbs

Motor Specs: 60 HZ, Single Phase, 10 Amps, 680 Watts, 230 Volt Available on special order.

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