Vinyl Decking

Aluminum Frame Sectional Dock with Brock Vinyl Decking

Our best seller! This durable, slip resistant boat dock stays cool to the touch by reflecting the sun’s rays. It is a maintenance-free dock and has a lifetime guarantee. The perfect decking choice for your boat dock.

What Is It?


Brock Vinyl Decking is manufactured from a special high- impact, weather-resistant vinyl compound. Extensive testing has proven this material to be ideally suited for docks.

This compound is similar to that used by vinyl siding and window manufacturers. It is specially formulated for outdoor exposure where color and physical property retention are important. The formulation includes 20% more ultraviolet inhibitors than the leading

competitors. Impact modifiers give added strength and impact resistance in all weather conditions, while preventing denting, splitting, cracking, or breaking. The formula also gives Brock Dock the ability to resist blistering, flaking, corroding or peeling.


Brock Vinyl comes in 2 colors and 2 textures. Brock Grey is an “X” pattern texture. Brock Tan can come in two textures, “X” pattern and woodgrain. All colors and textures resist water, stay cool, and keep clean for a maximum life.

Protective End Caps

Plank ends are protected against damage with a cap that also enhances the finished appearance of the dock. No raised edges make it easy to sweep off debris and you won’t stub your toe!


Tough and sturdy . . . each vinyl plank is a single-piece, three-legged extrusion with solid color throughout.


Grooved design pattern provides a very stylish appearance, an excellent walking surface for shoes or bare feet and quick water drainage. Handicapped approved.

Never Needs Painting

Think of the savings! The marine-grade vinyl planks are guaranteed for as long as you own your dock.


Nonporous surface. A good rain will normally clean the surface, or you can sweep lightly with a wet broom.

Cool and Comfortable

Wood absorbs heat. The Brock Deck planking reflects the sun’s rays, staying cool to the touch.

Plank Spacing

Brock vinyl panels have 1/8″ space between planks.

Lifetime Warranty

on all Brock Vinyl Decking.