Why Choose Pier Pleasure Lifts?


Pier Pleasure continually strives to elevate the standards of existing and new product designs. The construction of all product lines using non-corrosive fasteners, custom aluminum shapes and other high-quality components support Pier Pleasure’s commitment to exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Vertical Boat and Pontoon Lifts

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Vertical lifts are excellent in shallow water conditions and when the weight of the boat exceeds 4,000 pounds. In these applications, cantilever lifts lose their mechanical lifting advantage. Our vertical lifts are ideal for applications where the water level changes drastically and where maximum clearance is needed. Our direct vertical rise of 66 inches allows you to keep your boat high and dry without continually moving and adjusting your lift.

Pier Pleasure’s vertical lift models are built to meet your high standards of quality, value, and performance. All of Pier Pleasure vertical lifts are standard with non- corrosive stainless steel bolts, stainless cable, and brass nuts, giving you many years of service while maintaining a clean appearance. Thick aluminum sheaves are used to maximize cable life and to ensure lasting performance under heavy use. Our vertical lifts offer rigid diagonal V-bracing on both sides, giving uncompromised strength on demand when your boat is raised to maximum height. Our V-braced design also allows for non-restricted access to your boat from either side of the lift making it ideal for slip installations.

Cantilever Boat and Pontoon Lifts

Cantilever lifts work best in applications where there is very little water fluctuation. Cantilever lifts use only one cable and have fewer moving parts than vertical lifts. This keeps the cost of cantilever lifts lower than comparable vertical lifts.

All of our cantilever lifts are standard with non-corrosive stainless bolts, stainless cable, and brass nuts, giving you many years of service while maintaining a clean appearance.

Standard on Pier Pleasure Lifts

  • 20 Year Structural Warranty
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Proven Design
  • Brass Nuts
  • Stainless Steel Cable
  • Stainless Steel Bolts and Fasteners
  • Aluminum Pulleys with Brass Sheaves
  • Quick Pin DropLegs
  • V-Racks (Pontoon Models)
  • Winch Wheel with Knob
  • Chain Driven Aluminum Box Winch
  • (3000 lbs. and up)


PWC Lifts

Pier Pleasure’s personal watercraft (PWC) lift models are built with the same quality components as our larger lifts. Pier Pleasure use stainless bolts, cables and pins. There is no wood or carpet to deteriorate. Pier Pleasure’s full-length vinyl bunk is standard with aluminum channel and extruded vinyl making these lifts high quality and low-maintenance.

Vertical Hydraulic Lifts

Press a button on your wireless remote control. Seconds later your boat is in the water and ready to go. With a reliable, rugged and extremely easy to operate Pier Pleasure Hydraulic Boat Lift, you’ll never hesitate to use your boat again.

The hydraulic cylinder is enclosed in a beam assembly. This allows for easy installation on any Pier Pleasure vertical boat lift. There is no direct exposure of the cylinder to water and no exposed moving hydraulic cylinder parts. This will provide a clean appearance and safe operation of the lift. Stainless bolts, pins and brass nuts are used on all lifts and accessories to prevent corrosion and maintain a clean appearance for many years. A two-button remote operates the hydraulic system with a manual back-up switch inside the hydraulic pump box.

Available in 12 Volt (DC).