Site Inspection

Site Inspection Sheet

There are several factors that need to be considered in determining the feasability of using a Shore Tracker® Marine Railway System.

See the list below, and print out a PDF document Site Inspection Sheet. This sheet, when filled out completely, will give us the information we need to determine what will be needed to complete your Shore Tracker®.

Click here for: Site Inspection Sheet

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  • The body of water should have a solid bottom. Some muck is okay, but very deep muck can be difficult.
  • Steep hills, banks or drop-offs can also be difficult, if not impossible. Our system is designed to have no more than a 2-foot drop per 10-feet of track, overall. For example, a 3-foot retaining wall will require at least 15-feet of track before the track even touches the water. The track can be supported to make these spans, depending on the water depths.
  • Do you have a power supply? A minimum 20 amp dedicated breaker is suggested for 110 volt power supply. If available, 220 volt power is prefered. There is no 12-volt option, and large custom systems may have other requirements.
  • The installation site must be free of obstacles, such as trees, stumps and boulders.
  • The site must offer a straight path on shore and into the water. The track cannot turn.
  • For salt-water applications, a stainless-steel upgrade bolt kit will be required.
  • For rivers, select a backwater location. River currents make maneuvering perpendicular to shore very difficult.