Shore Carriages

Accommodate Any Style Watercraft

Fully adjustable, the Shore Tracker carriage can easily be changed to accommodate any style of watercraft. The width and length can be adjusted, and by using different supports, you can easily change from pontoon to runabout or fishing boat.

Vinyl Covered Aluminum Bunks

For the ultimate in support for your fiberglass, aluminum or wood boat. The vinyl is non-marking and won’t scratch your boat like carpeted bunks will. The vinyl bunks are great for ski boats, fishing boats, deckboats, runabouts, and antique wooden boats

Taller standoffs are available for inboard boats, which will allow the prop to clear the carriage frame.

Cradle Brackets and Front Board

These have been a standard boat support for many years. They are simple, economical and effective for most aluminum and fiberglass boats. Not recommended for wooden boats or inboard boats.

Full Length Pontoon Bunks

Unmatched support for the tubes of your pontoon boat. Available with or without carpeting, the pontoon bunks give a full 11 feet of support! Compare this to a boat lift, which in many cases only offer INCHES of support.