Boat Lift Canopies

New & Replacement Boat Lift Canopies

The same material used by Original Equipment Manufacturers such as those that produce ShoreMaster®, Beach King®, Newmans®, Pier Pleasure®, DAKA®, Floe®, Hewitt®, Porta-Dock®, Ridgeline®, Lake Shore Products®, LSP®, Harbor Master®, and others. Lab tested and field tested to provide the highest quality and highest valued boat lift canopy covers to the United States lake shore equipment users.

Each boat lift manufacturer has specific designs, dimensions, and quirks that require engineering of the covers for a superior fit each time. Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information. Be sure to know the brand and size of your existing canopy. (We can help with that!)


  • Standard vinyl fabric is 18oz Shelter-Rite – a vinyl-coated polyester: proven in demanding applications with superior adhesion and abrasion resistance.
  • Standard soft texture fabric is 11oz Harbor Time – an acrylic coated polyester: renowned for its light weight, rich look, and excellent durability.
  • Standard fabrics are waterproof, while UV and mildew resistant, for long life and lasting colors in harsh marine environments.
  • Shelter-Rite and Harbor Time seams are heat-welded for water proof coverage.
  • Sub-components are top-stitched to improve water resistance.
  • Attachments including continuous bungee, hook bungees, ball bungees, or clips to insure a proper fit to your frame.
  • Attachments are double stitched for a durable tensioning system and secure fit.
  • All patterns are cut with computer-controlled accuracy, giving a precise fit each and every time.

Information sheets for your brand:

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ShoreMaster®, Beach King®, Newmans®, Pier Pleasure®, DAKA®, Floe®, Porta-Dock®, Ridgeline®, Lake Shore Products®, LSP®, and Harbor Master® are trademarks of the respective companies.